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28.09.2004 20:33:59 - Dutch singer Borsato meets the Sea Lions (
Famous Dutch singer, Marco Borsato has had a meeting with our Sea Lions. Marco Borsato: “Petting a sea lion is of course very nice. But seeing a sea lion underwater, in its natural habitat is such an exciting experience! All at once, you join them in their world, their home and you’re able to see them swimming around, moving in their special and surprisingly rapid way. You’ll see the way the animals are communicating and the way their trying to connect with you. According to the trainer, the sea lions felt very relaxed during our dive. They came up to us frequently and one of the animals even swam to Armando a few times and pushed its snout into Armando’s hand. All together, it was a very impressive experience that bears repetition!”
28.09.2004 20:32:57 - Latin American beauties at the Curacao Sea Aquarium & Dolphin Academy (
The 18 most handsome young ladies from South America and the Caribbean visited the Curacao Sea Aquarium and Dolphin Academy today. The contestants of “Elite Model Latino 2004” are this whole week present on Curacao, where one of them will be chosen as a winner next Saturday. The girls, all between 15 and 21 years of age, arrived at the Sea Aquarium with a lot of press. Amongst them were journalists of CNN and E!Entertainment. The whole group watched 9 models and hostess Daniela of E!Entertainment doing a Dolphin Encounter first. Afterwards, the other ladies did a Sea Lion Encounter. All the competitors were moved by the different wonderful mammals, and everybody adored getting a kiss from either the dolphins or the sea lion. The cameramen got beautiful shots, which we’ll be able to see in various papers and television programs soon.


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