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Curoil is the leading provider of petroleum products on Curaçao and Bonaire.

We are committed to meeting industry safety standards and acting responsibly towards the natural environment.

Curoil's Vision
The core ideology and envisioned future of Curoil N.V. is:

To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage as a supplier in the Southern Caribbean area of petroleum and petroleum related products for the industrial, automotive, aviation, marine and domestic markets.
We aim to realize this vision while seeking increased market share and profitable growth, providing a satisfying and challenging working environment for our employees, utilizing advanced technological applications and adhering to international standards of quality for our products and services.
We are committed to conduct our business according to industry safety standards and to act responsibly towards the natural environment.

Contact information:

Country:Netherlands Antilles
Postal address:A Mendes Chumaceiro Blvd. 15
Telephone number:(599-9) 432-0000
Fax:(599-9) 461-3335
Web page:
Email:Contact us now

Products and Services

Aviation Services
DescriptionOur specialized aviation division provides fast, safe, and reliable fueling services to airplanes arriving at Curaçao’s Hato International Airport; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our highly trained staff ensures the efficient delivery of quality jet fuel through our hydrant fueling system and the supply of aviation gasoline by refueler. The hydrant system enables us to fuel four aircrafts simultaneously, with a combined capacity of 4,000 gallons per minute. We guarantee fast turnaround times and safe and prompt delivery to all our clients. These include commercial airliners, charter operators, cargo planes, courier planes, private jets and 'technical stop' customers.
Date added14.05.2005

Bunkering services
DescriptionWe are proud to be the sole supplier of all marine fuels to vessels calling at Curaçao’s ports. We provide around-the-clock service without overtime charges. In order to guarantee good service, we deliver marine fuels under independent inspection. Our modern installations feature state-of-the-art equipment and are serviced by highly qualified technicians. Marine fuel grades All grades meet international standards and are supplied through high-output fuel pumps. Available grades are Marine Gasoil DMA, Marine Diesel oil DMB, Intermediate Fuel oil (30-380 cst), Marine Fuel oil regular grade and RMG-35 grade. Deliveries Around the Sta. Annabay harbour area, deliveries are made at Emmastad (refinery), Willemstad, the Mega-Pier and the Drydock/Brion wharves. On Bonaire, gasoil can only be supplied by truck.
Date added14.05.2005

DescriptionNot only can we ensure smooth operation of bunker activities at our locations, we also have all the necessary equipment to handle oil spills. Oil spill equipment can be subdivided into several categories, based on different technologies: absorbance (e.g. cloth, organic mulch, dirt pellets) - vacuum cleaning - biological treatment - dispersant - skimming - containment - leak detection - emergency kits
Date added14.05.2005

Jet Kerosine & Aviation Gasoline
DescriptionThe jet fuel we provide is Jet A-1 turbine fuel. This meets or exceeds the requirements specified by The Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) latest issue, embodying the most stringent requirements of: - DEF STAN 91-91, Jet A-1; - ASTM D1655, Kerosene Type Jet A-1; - IATA Guidance Material for Aviation Turbine Kerosene Type. The aviation gasoline we offer is Avgas 100, which meets the current issues of: - DEF STAN 91-90; - ASTM D910.
Date added14.05.2005

Offshore bunkering
DescriptionOur barge, the Curoil I, can carry ca. 2,600 m3 of distillate products. Its main purpose is transporting products and acting as floating storage in Bonaire to increase storage capacity and flexibility. However, the barge is also used to deliver marine gasoil and marine diesel oil to vessels within the sheltered ports of Curaçao and Bonaire. Within the Schottegat harbour, we use our small Curoil II barge to deliver Marine Gasoil (100 m3) and Thin Fuel Oil (300 m3) to the container terminal, the Isla refinery and the Curaçao Drydock. Curoil is currently also offering offshore bunker services with both barges. Offshore bunker operations must take place during daylight hours.
Date added14.05.2005

Systems & equipment
DescriptionOur operations staff are well trained, and possess broad expertise in areas like specialist aviation fueling equipment, aircraft fuel systems, handling and transportation. An example is our electronic data acquisition system, which we use to gather data on our fuel delivery operations. The data is registered through hand-held computers installed in our fuel dispensers. The registration provides information on time, date, quantity and duration of product delivery, as well as on client, aircraft, operator and equipment. The computers generate printouts of this information along with delivery receipts, allowing us to provide you with faster and more reliable service.
Date added14.05.2005


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